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Source: New York Jets Pass on “Hard Knocks”, Redskins Should be The Next Option 80

Another swing, and another miss.

“Hard Knocks” can’t seem to get any takers, first the Broncos denied them, then the Falcons, and now the Jets have denied the HBO show, which comes in and tape their training camp. The Broncos, to no surprise declined the offer as head coach John Fox doesn’t like to bring in any distractions. The Falcons however,  were a surprise because no one expected them to be even asked. After the Falcons  declined everyone just assumed it would be the drama-filled New York Jets. Now that all three teams have declined, now what?

My colleague and I were talking about this via twitter this morning and here is what he had to say:


The HBO special must go after the Redskins next, it makes perfect sense. Mike Shanahan always makes for interesting interviews and if you add Robert Griffin III to the mix it makes for very entertaining television. Which is what they are looking for, right?

The Redskins, have a whole new attitude and they plan on winning many games, they were extremely active in free agency and played their cards well in the draft. They have high hopes and in fact just today they reveled a new alternate jersey, pictured here.

Now I realize,  that jerseys don’t turn losing into winning, but the Redskins are on the right track, with their new quarterback. The skies are the limit and I sure hope we can watch the start of it on HBO.

Disagree? Tell me who you think HBO should go after for training camp.


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