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Tampa Buccaneers Lead NFL With Highest “IR Payroll” 93

Per a report from Yahoo! Sports Brian McIntyre, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead the NFL with the highest amount of cash payroll tied up with players listed on injured reserve (IR) with $30.1 million of their 2012 cap currently shutdown. The Bucs find themselves in this unfortunate position primarily due to starting guards Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph earning $22 million this year, over $4 million more than the second highest “IR Payroll” team (New York Jets at $17.3). The team’s latest player to go on IR, linebacker Quincy Black, is due $5.75 million and pushed them over the $30 million mark The Buccaneers general manager, Mark Dominik, typically does not give players signing bonuses, chosing instead to guarantee base salaries or give roster bonuses to players. 

After the Bucs and the Jets, the next highest teams are the Atlanta Falcons ($14.8 million), Cincinnati Bengals ($14.5 million) and Baltimore Ravens ($13.7 million). The teams with the lowest “IR payrolls” are the Chicago Bears (1.137 million), Minnesota Vikings ($1.789 million), San Francisco 49ers ($2.554 million), and Seattle Seahawks ($3.155 million).



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