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Tebow offered contract from AFL’s LA KISS 52

A new NFL season has begun without Heisman winner Tim Tebow at the helm or the back-end of any team’s quarterback depth chart.  It looked like a coin toss in New England as to whether or not Tebow would make the final cut.  We’ve seen the Patriots carry as much as four quarterbacks on the roster at one time (2000, with Tom Brady being 4th).  Even with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the New England staff, as well as an owner who was rooting for him to make the final roster was not enough for the stars to align for the former Gator.  As the golden NFL gates closed on Tebow, another opens in Los Angeles.


Arena Football returns to LA as the band KISS along with their manager Doc McGhee purchased an AFL share to bring arena ball back to Southern California.  The new franchise has announced that they’ve formally extended a contract offer to Tim Tebow.  To me personally, it doesn’t seem like Tebow’s kind of team, but then I didn’t think the foul-mouthed Jets franchise was fitting either.

“Tim Tebow is one of the most recognized and respected athletes in sport,” said Paul Stanley of KISS.  “His joining us would mean great things for his fans and for our team, especially form a business standpoint.  His credibility within the sports arena is paramount and with our commitment to bringing football without compromise back to LA, we’re excited to see how this offer turns out.”

It’s anticipated that with the dynamic rock ‘n roll sensation KISS backing the franchise’s play, they should make for the biggest market in the AFL, which would be good news for Tebow should he consider the contract offer.

“Acquiring Tebow would not only be a great investment for the team, but his exciting style of play would definitely send shock waves through the League,” said Gene Simmons of KISS.  “We’re excited for the opportunity to see him with an LA KISS uniform on, and for the LA KISS fans to be rockin’ their Tebow shirts and jerseys.”

There was a time back in Tebow’s Denver days when his jersey was number one in sales for several weeks.  The same would occur within the AFL.  I think Tebow needs to submit to this offer.  Although the AFL doesn’t pay NFL money, it’s apparent that he wasn’t trying to make a pro squad for the money.  Tebow wants to play football, more specifically quarterback.  As it stands right now, Tebow is not building a resume while he’s not signed to a team.  If he ever wants to get another chance in the NFL, he might as well take the offer and put something on tape while furthering his development.  An NFL team would need to be completely decimated and desperate at the quarterback spot for Tebow to even be considered for a roster spot.  Besides, this offer is much better than the offer he received prior to his short stint with New England from the Omaha Beef.  They are a franchise within the Champions Professional Indoor Football League, which is tiers below the Arena Football League.  Tebow would surely get paid more than the Beef’s $75 a game.

Being from Utah where we do have an AFL team, I’ve seen the Utah Blaze organization do several good things for the local community, something that Tebow does unconditionally in his free time.  Signing with KISS would be an opportunity to spread good in Southern California while continuing to improve at the quarterback position, thus possibly influencing an NFL team to contact him.  Only time will tell if Tebow will bite on this rockin’ deal from KISS.

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