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Teen is Arrested at Cardinals Game for Pointing a Laser 69

Mike Matheny spots alleged laser pointer

As the San Francisco Giants were in St. Louis to take on the Cardinals Monday night, play had to be stopped due to a suspicious green laser flash that was seen on the uniform of Giants pitcher Shane Loux. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a teen was later found and arrested for pointing the laser.

During the seventh inning, as Loux was on the mound, Cardinals batter Matt Holliday noticed the flash and called time out. Holliday and home plate umpire Marty Foster looked into the stands for a  moment before resuming play. Cardinals manager Mike Matheny also saw the flash and began to look around the stadium. Eventually, Matheny spotted a teen in a luxury booth and reportedly made eye contact with the teen and mouthed, “I see you.” The teen is alleged to then begin laughing and pointing the laser in Matheny’s direction. Authorities were notified and made their way to the booth. Eventually, three teens were seen, stopped and questioned. One teen was seen throwing an object into the trash and a green laser pointer was later found in the same trash container. Matheny went to the security office where the teens were being held and identified the suspected teen.

Apparently, the alleged violator is the friend of the suite contact’s son. The suite contact is reported to have been uncooperative with the authorities. Within the suite, authorities found bottles of alcohol that were not authorized to be there. It is suspected that the alcohol was smuggled into the stadium. The Cardinals have said they will be in contact with the suite owners and the owners may face sanctions including revocation of suite privileges.

The alleged teen laser pointer spent the night in jail on suspicion of peace disturbance at an athletic event. Authorities will seek charges from the circuit attorney’s office Tuesday afternoon.


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