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Terrell Owens cut by Seattle Seahawks 81

Wide receiver Terrell Owens has been working hard towards an NFL comeback and seemed to have a shot at making the Seattle Seahawks’ final roster. That dream fell short, as today Owens was cut by the Seahawks.

Terrell Owens was cut today by the Seattle Seahawks, possibly ending his NFL career. (Credit: Joe Mahoney, AP)

In two preseason games with the Seahawks, Owens totaled two catches for 41 yards on eight targets. Those numbers certainly aren’t stellar, and they weren’t enough to warrant a roster spot despite Owens running a sub-4.5 40 in a workout with Seattle. Watching him play, you could tell that Owens hasn’t seen NFL game action since 2010, when he was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. Owens was also competing with wide receiver Braylon Edwards for essentially a single roster spot. It would appear that Edwards has now won that battle and should be a starting receiver for the Seahawks.

The drop against Denver in the end zone will linger in the minds of many as the moment where Owens could have proven he was ready to start again in the NFL. Perhaps some team that saw what Owens did with the Seahawks believed that, with a little more time to knock the rust off, Owens could be a solid contributor this year. This far into the preseason though, it seems like most teams have a good idea of who will be on their final roster and would not have space to take a shot on Owens.

The drive to make more money could definitely bring Owens back to the NFL in 2013. But it seems just as likely that the NFL has seen the last of Terrell Owens, one of the most storied and famous football players of this generation.



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