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The Real Reason Why Roger Clemens Is On His Way Back To The Majors. 84

It would be extremely obvious to think that Roger Clemens’ ploy to come back to professional baseball, is to delay his fate in being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this winter.  I mean, this is a man with one of the biggest egos Major League Baseball has ever seen.  What do you expect from a seven-time Cy Young Award winner.  Since the Mitchell Report, he has moved heaven and earth to plea for his innocence.  I am not a Clemens fan by any means, but at least he went head up against the federal government and kicked their rear-ends in a court of law!  Like him or not, he was what we were looking for, the only one who kept pleading for his innocence and won.  Now, public opinion thinks HE IS GUILTY AS THEY COME; but you can make your own assumptions!

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I get tickled when he says his good name and reputation is now tarnished. Roger, you did that by betraying the Red Sox and making your way to the Yankees, to chase World Series rings, or do you misremember!

Clemens isn’t a darling at all, in fact he is a bully.  Remember Game 2, of the 2000 World Series, when he threw Mike Piazza’s shattered bat back at Piazza?  What in the world was that all about?  Roger thought nothing about it and went on his merry way.  He also hoodwinked his friend, Andy Pettitte, and the sports world by telling the jury, that Andy misremember their conversation.  Pettitte, probably saved Clemens from prison time when he testified in court, as he all of a sudden actually did misremembered!

It’s unbelievable that at age 50, Roger Clemens still commands the attention with his Rocket arm.  I hope the radar gun doesn’t register his pitches in the mid nineties because I will be the first one to say bull(sugar,honey,ice,tea)!  Sugar Land Skeeters is just a tune-up to get back to the majors.  Clemens is a powerful man, and at his age I guess it’s still good to know people in high places.  Who, besides Houston Astros, is going to give Clemens another Major League opportunity?  Lets be honest, the Astros have nothing to play for and bringing Clemens back in a Houston Astros uniform will give the fans a reason to show up to the stadium.  Roger’s motivation for playing professional baseball includes surpassing Jamie Moyer, as the oldest pitcher to win a game in Major League Baseball history. He will also delay the voting of his own Hall of Fame fate another five years. That is rather smart because of the recent accusations of Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon suspensions for using PEDs.  Also separating himself from Bonds, Sosa, Palmeiro and McGwire.  The number one reason to come back to Major League Baseball is to pass Greg Maddux as the winningest pitcher in the modern era.

The winningest pitcher in the modern era!

You can’t be the best pitcher in our generation if the soft throwing Maddux has one more victory than you do!  Tell the truth Roger, Greg Maddux’s 355 career wins has to be eating you alive!  Sports world, Roger Clemens is a seven- time Cy Young Award winner, the greatest pitcher in our generation; or do you MISREMEMBER!







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