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Three darkhorse NFL players who could win the MVP in 2017-18 0

The National Football League has surprise players and teams every year that seemingly grab all the headlines and take over the NFL. While there are the typical MVP candidates in Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, last year, Oakland Raiders youngster, Derek Carr, took over the league with his comeback wins and monster stat lines. Who will it be this year?

Before we get to the list of three darkhorse players that could thrust themselves into the MVP conversation, it’s important to remember that New England Patriots star quarterback, Tom Brady, doesn’t appear to be giving up the top spot as the best player in the NFL – or at least in the mind’s of the NFL players who voted him there. So if you’re looking to place a bet on a darkhorse player that isn’t named Brady or Rodgers, who would you pick? The NFL betting offers available to you via the numerous online betting websites won’t give you great odds on choosing Tom Brady to win the MVP. Thus, here are three players that you might want to place your bets on:


3.) Tyrod Taylor

The Bills are going to make the playoffs sooner or later and they have the talent on offense to run defenses out of the building. Taylor put up pretty good stats while playing under different offensive coordinators in a run-first type of offense. While he has accuracy problems, if he can correct that issue even just a little bit, and the offense opens up, we could be seeing much more than 3,000 passing and 500-600 rushing yards out of Taylor.

Plus, if Taylor leads the Bills – who haven’t made the playoffs since Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson were battling for the position in the late 1990s, he might get a statue of him in Buffalo. You better believe that will help his MVP chances. The talent is there all around him to have a insane year statically, and if the team is winning on top of his stats, this will bode well for his darkhorse MVP odds.

2.) Khalil Mack

While the name has star power written all over it, winning the MVP as a defensive player is quite difficult. However, Oakland took huge strides last season and Mack is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year winner. If Oakland duplicates their success last season and Mack has a monster year in which the Raiders fix their dreadful defense, Mack could become the sexy choice for league MVP.

Especially if Mack puts up one of those seasons for the history books – which certainly he’s capable of doing. A 20 sack season seems likely for Mack and if he is a disruptive force creating turnovers on strip sacks and picking off passes on top of his total, Mack has a real shot at winning the MVP.

1.) Dak Prescott

First, Dak basically ended Tony Romo’s playing career by fililng in for him as a rookie and leading Dallas to the league’s best record. Now, in Prescott’s second year, the thought is that the offense will be opened up for him. With weapons all over the place and a great offensive line to keep him clean in the pocket, the young Cowboy’s star could be poised to put up huge numbers and even more wins.

Remember many second year quarterbacks over the years – Dan Marino, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady to name a few, have put up historically great sophmore seasons in the NFL. To be fair, Brady was essentially a rookie, but nevertheless still was able to have a full year to acclimate himself to the NFL before taking over for Drew Bledsoe.


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