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Tim Tebow, the running back? 86

Could the New York Jets use Tim Tebow as a full time running back? (Credit: AP Photo)

After a rather slow start to their pre-season, one in which the offense has yet to score a touchdown, some in the New York media are discussing a radical idea for using Tim Tebow.

The New York Post’s Steve Serby wrote a column on Tuesday proposing that Tim Tebow be moved to running back full-time.

“There is no one on this horse-and-buggy offense who scares defensive coordinators, causes them sleepless nights,” Serby writes. “Fullback John ‘The Terminator’ Connor blocking for Tebow just might do the trick. Or a Baby Bull backfield pairing Tebow with Shonn Greene. Unleash the Wildbull and give the ball to the Bible-Belter.

“How do you think defensive backs would enjoy the sight of a 250-pound freight train barreling toward them when they attempt to keep Tebow out of the end zone? Tim-berrrr! Have you seen the guy without his shirt on?”

Lining him up at running back without the true threat to throw would make him just another back. Serby calls these “desperate times” with the Jets, and the team is fostering that feeling by making bizarre trades.

Serby calling the state of the Jets desperate times already is a little too harsh because it is only August.

It will be interesting to see if the Jets use Tebow in the wildcat or maybe even line him up behind Sanchez as a running back.


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