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Top 5 Best Cereal Names in Baseball 78

Whether it’s for breakfast or a late-night snack, cereal is deliciously fun.  So are these baseball names sliding in to a grocery shelf near you.  Crack open a box, pour the soy milk, and watch a baseball game!

5. Robinson Chirinos

Catch a box of these sweet fried oats.  Chirinos is a blend of Cheerios and spanish churros, and is a favorite among Tampa Bay Rays fans.  Recommended with a glass of Tropicana orange juice.  Yum!

4. Quintin Berry

Nephew of Franken Berry, this cereal continues the classic tradition of strawberry cereal and marshmallows.  Leadoff the day with a bowl before you head to the park.  It’s a treat fit for a Prince!

3. J.R. Graham

The prospect of mom bringing home JR Grahams makes all the kids in Atlanta go crazy!  The sweet cinnamon crunch will make you feel Chipper all day.  Be Brave and get a box today.

2. J.O. Berrios

Next time mom goes to the store pitch her the idea of making this cereal her #1 pick.  Each box of this sweet multi-fruit cereal comes with a free rosin bag.  One-out-of-two Twins eat J.O. Berrios everyday!

1. Coco Crisp

Its been around the longest for a reason.  Rich chocolate flakes and chocolate ‘afro’ puffs make all the kids jump for joy.  It’ll have you running the bases all day long, and feeling very Athletic.  Redeem ten UPC labels and get a copy of “Money Ball”.


Others we like: Dillon Maples (from Vermont), Reggie Golden (Sugar and sweet-spot), Melky Cabrera (The milk man delivers?), Casper Wells (friendly white ghost cereal), Reese Havens (peanut butter heaven?), Darwin Barney (evolutionary purple dinosaurs?)


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