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Top NFL Draft Busts for Each Team – Millennium Edition 74

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(AP Photos)

It is no secret that championship teams are built through the draft and the best teams in the NFL are the ones that continually make sound picks that pan out. Inevitably though, every team makes an early pick that blows up in the general manager’s face and is off their roster or out of the league in a very short time period.  The players on this list wound up being draft busts for a variety of reasons; whether it was because of injuries, a bad fit for the team’s scheme, or just flat out bad work ethic, they simply were not able to make it on the team that drafted them. For some teams, it was easy to find the busts, as they set back the franchise years because of the pre-rookie salary cap era; for other teams, most of their picks in the top rounds panned out to at least be serviceable players.

Here is a look at all 32 teams top first round or second round picks that did not work out from 2000 to 2013. First round picks were weighted more heavily than second rounders as well as position (quarterbacks weighed more than wide receivers for example) and circumstances (substance abuse weighed more than injuries). Fans may have never heard of these players simply because the player flamed out before ever getting the chance to make a blip on the NFL radar.

Statistics provided by Pro Football Reference.

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