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We have a Triple Crown 91

Let me take you back to 1967. The President was Lyndon Baines Johnson. Man had not yet set foot on the moon. The Graduate won Best Director at the Oscars, the designated hitter was only someone who liked to fight at the honky tonk (wasn’t yet implemented).  The Astrodome was 2 years old.  The first AFL-NFL Championship game (wasn’t called the Super Bowl yet) had recently taken place and as everyone expected, the AFL had no chance against the vastly superior NFL.  And Carl Yastrzemski won the American League Triple Crown.  Seemed like no big deal at the time, after all, Frank Robinson had won the year before.  And we wait.  45 more years until it happened again.  But tonight, Miguel Cabrera did what nobody has done since.  Lead the league in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in.  Only home runs was even really close.

So final stats will read:

Cabrera .330
Trout .326
Beltre .321

Home Runs
Cabrera 44
Hamilton 43
Encarnacion/Granderson 42

Runs Batted In
Cabrera 139
Hamilton 128
Encarnacion/Willingham 110

He met or exceeded Yaz (.326/44/121) in all three and only exceeded in HR by Frank Robinson (.316/49/122).

While you might say that offense is more prevalent now (not as much since PED testing), also note that Yaz and Robinson only had 10 teams worth of offensive players to deal with (about 80 other regulars since DH didn’t exist), Cabrera has 56% more competition in every category with 14 (125 regulars).

So for my money, he’s the MVP. Throw out your WAR, your runs created, your BABIP and whatever, the traditional numbers speak!

I include a photo taken by me at Spring Training last year, he was overwhelmingly interactive with the crowd, particularly with those speaking Spanish.


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