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Urlacher to Russell Wilson: You ended my career 55


LB Brian Urlacher’s last play vs. the Seattle Seahawks

Upon announcing his retirement, former Bears LB Brian Urlacher said one of the key reasons he decided to hang it up is because he felt he couldn’t ‘bring a level of performance that’s up to my standards.’  That level of standard was lost because of, according to Urlacher, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

During an interview with the sophomore quarterback phenom and the long-time Bear, Urlacher said his 13-year career ended because of the mobile Wilson.

“Russell, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but you ended my career basically last year on that third down in overtime,”  Urlacher said, via  “You were rolling out, I was trying to chase you.  Trying to chase you down I popped my hamstring and missed the last four games of the season.  You ended it.”

Urlacher is talking about the spectacular  Bears Week 12 matchup last season against Seattle.  It was 3rd and 2 in overtime when Russell Wilson rolled out of the pocket.  The pursuit by Urlacher for Wilson began.  Urlacher brought Wilson down, only after Wilson had converted for a 1st on a 5-yard carry.  That was Urlacher’s last play of his career.  What’s worse is that the Bears went on to lose that game with a 13-yard TD pass to Sidney Rice from Wilson.

Urlacher has been bitter since he retired from the game.  He mentioned in an interview a while back that he’d be upset if the Bears won a Super Bowl this year.  It appears he’s hanging on to this final play as well.  Working in front of a camera now-a-days, he’ll have plenty of time to talk about it and get it off his chest in front of a national audience.

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