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Video: Bomani Jones thinks the NFL won’t let white QBs go extinct 72

During Tuesday’s episode of Highly Questionable on ESPN2, co-anchor Bomani Jones had some rather questionable things to say about the NFL and their treatment of white quarterbacks. The segment started with Jones and Le Batard discussing the Monday Night Football performance of Philip Rivers. During the piece, Jones calls Monday Night’s performance evidence of the “the continuation of one of the more maddening and confusing things; which is the fall of Philip Rivers, which has taken place over the past two seasons, give or take”.

This led Le Batard to comment that Philip Rivers was looking at guys like Colin Kaepernick and thinking “Oh my god! I’m in danger and I am about to become extinct. My kind of quarterback isn’t going to be here ten years from now.”

Which led Bomani Jones to add “yes it will, that kind of quarterback, they make sure it doesn’t go away”. Jones later went on to comment that when Michael Vick came around, the NFL made sure to make slow quarterbacks as more valuable than ever before.

Check out the entire video below:

Comments like these from guys like Bomani Jones makes me question what exactly were they thinking? You might be able to make a case that black quarterbacks are treated unequally compared to white quarterbacks, but to say the NFL is actively trying to keep white quarterbacks in the game is ludicrous.

When the league has white quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, I find it hard to believe they are only successful because the NFL is helping them to succeed.

The future of NFL quarterbacks should include players from every race and I find it unlikely the NFL will try to hinder one race from dominating the sport. Why? Because in the end, the NFL cares about money and it doesn’t matter what race a quarterback is as long as they are talented.


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