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Video: Surveillance video of Adam ‘Pacman Jones’ slapping a girl 60

Earlier today, we reported that Cincinnati Bengals corner back Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones was set to turn himself in for an incident that occurred on Thursday night. Jones, is being charged with assault after he allegedly slapped a girl after she threw a bottle at him.

Jones’ lawyer Peter Schaffer told what happened during the incident.

His agent, Peter Schaffer, tells PFT by phone that Jones was at a bar after a Reds game.  Jones was approached by two women that he deemed to be intoxicated, and they wanted to take a picture with him.  Jones declined.

After he declined, one of them threw a beer bottle at him, striking his head from point blank range.  So he turned and slapped her and said, “What are your doing?  Stop it!”

Now, surveillance video has surfaced of the incident between Jones and the girl.

Unless something happened inside the bar, it appears as though the girl slapped Adam Jones and he slapped her back.

I am not a lawyer nor a judge so I will not decide who is right or wrong here. However, based on the story told by Jones’ lawyer, there does not appear to be a bottle being thrown at Jones.

From here, Jones will be charged and most likely head to court over the incident.

Roger Goodell and the NFL front office have yet to comment on whether or not Jones will be suspended for the incident.


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