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Where Did The Red Sox Magic Go? 100

It’s currently 2012. Meaning that almost eight years ago the Red Sox broke the curse of the Bambino, and captured their first  World Series title in 86 years. That sentence took a lot of effort to type as a fan of the Yankees. But as a true baseball I respect what the Red Sox did that season. Maybe not back then, but now I do. The fans of Boston took their team very seriously. Curse, or no curse the Red Sox are Boston’s team, and are the spirit of the city.

That Red Sox team was defined by the potent swings of David Ortiz, the will of Dave Roberts, and of course, Manny being Manny. But that team is long gone, and 2004 is only a great memory for the fans of the Red Sox who now have a feeling of nostalgia.

Today the Red Sox are in 4th place in the American League East with a record under .500. This is the Red Sox team I was used to watching over the last decade. Even in recent years when Boston missed the post-season they were at least somewhat in the race until September. This year the team has already dug a big enough hole that I can say they won’t be making the playoffs for the third straight season.

Bobby Valentine has not had control of this team at all. Recently the players have met with Red Sox owner John Henry to discuss their displeasure with Valentine. If the Red Sox don’t play well down the stretch I don’t expect Valentine to be back with the team for the second year of his two year contract.

The Red Sox mystique has been lost throughout the years. There’s only one member of the 2004 team that’s still on the team now. That would be David Ortiz, who is currently on the DL.

The magic of the Red Sox is gone. Maybe we’ll witness more 86 years from now.



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