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Will Cold Soldier Field Burn Out Hot Texans? 86

NFL teams are typically favored with an edge having home field advantage for several reasons.  The home team doesn’t need to worry about traveling or reservations, and they have their ’12th man’ home crowd backing them.  In this weeks potential future Superbowl showdown, the hot Houston Texans my become ‘weathered’ by the stone cold Chicago Bears.

Both teams wear an even 7-1 record heading into week 10.  Both teams have a stellar defense, but it’s the Bears that have capitalized with a league-leading 28 takeaways.  It will be interesting to see if Chicago can boost this stat against Houston who have a league-low 6 giveaways.

Both teams are capable of winning on the road, but are the Texans capable of winning on the road in cold territory?  Soldier Field is expected to have temperatures drop into the 30’s with rain showers at the time of kickoff.  The Texans have been playing in summer-like games in the 80’s.

AP Photo/Dave Einsel

“You’ve got to handle it,” coach Gary Kubiak told the Houston Chronicle. “I think our guys get excited for a little cool weather.  It’s still 80 degrees out there today and, here it is, the middle of November.”

In cold games like this one will be, ball security is crucial and is often a harder task to achieve.

“We pride ourselves in taking care of the football, converting on third down, scoring points in the red zone and keeping the other (offense) off the field,” said quarterback Matt Schaub.  “The weather is going to be what the weather is.  It’s that way for both teams.  You’ve just got to go play.”

Both teams are coming into week 10 hot, but only one will win leaving the other frost-bitten with a loss.


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