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With Free Agency looming, Buddy Nix vows to be “Quick and Aggressive” 90

Bills general manager Buddy Nix has made it clear that he plans to be very aggressive when free agency begins in a few hours. Bills fans all breathed a sigh of relief when key players were re-signed in the last few weeks, and an even deeper sense of hope has risen up with Nix’s recent comments about his intentions.Buddy Nix told WGR-AM today:

“We’d like to be out of the business by Friday. The big splash for us could be over in a week.”

He also told that he has his eye on two free agents, but did not say which ones he was referring to.

“The guys that we had our eye on to start with are still there,” said Nix late Tuesday morning. “(Pro Personnel Director) Tom Gibbons and the pro department do a great job of letting us know who is probably, 90 percent maybe, that are going to be there. We had to make a choice on a player or two. Sometimes you can’t get everybody you want, but if we can fill a couple of holes it’ll take some pressure off the draft.”

When asked about how aggressive he planned on being, Nix also told

“I think on some of these guys you do have to strike quickly. If we weren’t interested in some that are available I’d tell you. I’d be off looking at draft workouts, but if we are interested in something we’re going to go after them.”

Bills fans are glad to hear that Nix plans on being aggressive, as management has shown a tentative attitude in the past about free agency, deciding instead to build through the draft. Nix seems to have had at least a bit of a change of heart on how to build a team. Maybe he and owner Ralph Wilson saw the success at the beginning of last season and realized just how close the team was to competing. Whatever caused the change in methods, Bills fans are grateful. In the next week or so, they just might see more signs that the “rebuilding” phase may be coming to a close, and they may actually start competing soon.

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