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NFL will require Richie Incognito to be evaluated before re-entering league.

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Since the Miami Dolphins suspended Richie Incognito during the 2013 season, and players can only be suspended once per infraction, it is highly unlikely the NFL will attempt to suspend him again this season.

However, the NFL isn’t making it easy for Incognito to re-enter the league. Per PFT:

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports, citing an unnamed NFL source, that Incognito may sign a contract with a new team, but that Incognito may not receive compensation or play until he undergoes a “comprehensive [evaluation] by NFL-NFLPA designated medical advisors.”  Commissioner Roger Goodell then must review their report and, presumably, approve or reject Incognito’s ability to play.

Given Incognito’s behavior both before and after his suspension, it’s fair for the league to have concerns.  It’s not fair, however, if Incognito is being treated inconsistently, or if the NFL is using this requirement as a pretext for further punishment.

Obviously, no one expects people to feel sympathy for Incognito, but he does deserve fair and consistent treatment. However, being medically cleared to play by the NFL may help Incognito’s cause as he hopes to be on a team in 2014. There are several teams that could use his services, as Incognito is a talented player. I would expect a team to take a flyer on him once he is cleared by the league.

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