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Sidney Crosby to Get Wrist Surgery 95

Sidney Crosby, captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery on his right wrist within the next few days to repair damage that might have hurt his postseason performance. Crosby only scored once in his 13 playoff game appearances. The Penguins were eliminated by the New York Rangers in the Second Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in Game 7.

Will Not Miss Time

One positive thing about the surgery for Penguins’ fans is the fact that Crosby is not expected to miss any time next season. A source close to Crosby has recently claimed that Crosby “did play with a terrible wrist”; even though Sidney said during and after the Stanley Cup Playoffs that he was playing 100 percent and injury-free. This has led some people to wonder if he’s now trying to come up with excuses for his poor playoff performance.

This decision to have the operation comes after therapy has failed to correct the issue. At the moment, it is unclear as to when or how Crosby was injured. It could have been an isolate incident or just the daily grind of playing hockey. Regardless, expect Crosby to pursue some rehab treatment after the surgery to recuperate before the strenuous regular season begins. More and more players are taking to water therapy these days as it often produces the quickest and best results.

The Numbers

Although Crosby’s shots during the playoffs may not have been going in, his possession stats do not indicate that his wrist was bothering him. With Crosby on the ice, the Penguins created 11.7 percent more shots when the game was close, as compared to when he was on the bench.

No. 87 completed the regular season with 36 goals scored and 68 assists in the 80 games he played. Ultimately, Crosby collected the most points out of any other player in the league with 104. Ryan Getzlaf, of the Anaheim Ducks was next with only 87. Crosby put up some great numbers for regular season play.

Going Forward

Speaking of Anaheim, the Pittsburgh Penguins open their 2014-15 season on October 9th against the Ducks. Pittsburgh fans will hope Crosby’s surgery is successful so their star can begin to put up similar numbers next season in during their first game. If Crosby can actually remain at his best throughout the regular season and into the playoffs, don’t count the Penguins out to make a run for the next Stanley Cup.


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