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Watch a Latvian rap song about Sabres’ Zemgus Girgensons 100

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Buffalo Sabres center Zemgus Girgensons is a very popular man.  Not only did he lead the voting for the 2015 NHL All-Star game, partly thanks to people in his native Latvia voting for him online, but he also has a rap video dedicated to him.

That’s right.  A Latvian rap group called Olas wrote a song dedicated to their idol.  It’s rather catchy as you can hear from the video.

The song is of course in Latvian.  However, thanks to Aivis Kalnins from LastWordOnSports we have a translation from Latvian to English.

1.5 million votes 
Zemgus Girgensooons

Raises Latvia a little higher
Zemgus Girgensooons

Who’s the one with a lot of money? Zemgus Girgensooons

Who’s the one which word are we shouting? Zemgus Girgensooons

I am so clean,
I am so white,
I am so free, 
I am so young

I enter a club and drop some cash
Just like Zemgus Girgensooons

Sit on a sofa, my foot on the table,
I don’t care if anyone is in front me 
Go through the club and have a shot
Just like Zemgus Girgensooons

You saw me, i am in front of you baby
You like my songs, you want to be near me
You come at me but i deke right by you
Just like Zemgus Girgensooons

I see the coolest chick in the club and say 
I’m your destiny, Yo
But she says I’m not as famous 
Just as Zemgus Girgensooons

Zemgus Girgensooons, Zemgus Girgensooons, Zemgus Girgensooons, Zemgus Girgensooons

Am I calm? Am I precise? (Yeah, yeah)

Shooting right in the aim, 
Money in the pocket
Chicks, BMW, money and everything

Always I’m ready just like it was a derby
Nation is crazy and that is my background
I am like Girgensoons

Don’t judge me cause I don’t care
Believe me, bro, nobody believes you
There is no faith in you

I am still a son
I am the style 
I am free

Eggs are in the house and your legs are quivering
Girls are dreaming while cooking eggs in the oven
You’re making me laugh when you say that your fierce opponent
You can’t beat me while I’m alive

Girls dance, million in the bank,
Soon they will play my music everywhere
I’m not a copy but I have one clone No other than…

Zemgus Girgensooons, Zemgus Girgensooons, Zemgus Girgensooons

Girgensons has 11 goals and nine assists in 41 games for the Sabres this season.  He was drafted with the 14th overall pick of the 2012 NHL Entry Draft. Girgensons is 21 years old and was born in Riga, Latvia.

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