Nike features South Carolina outline on “NC Panthers” shirt


Okay, it’s no secret that the Carolina Panthers play football in Charlotte, NORTH Carolina. So what did Nike do? They made a “NC Panthers” t-shirt, but there was one problem: it featured an outline of SOUTH Carolina. Now I am no geography major over here, but you’d think the world leader in sports gear would have someone kicking around to prevent these embarrassing mishaps.

Via CBS Sports:

Folks in South Carolina root for the Panthers as much as their northern neighbors (the Panthers did play in Clemson, SC, during their inaugural 1995 season). My guess here, based on the Nike store having shirts that read “Property of Carolina” and “Carolina Knows,” is that the retailer wants to appeal to a broad base of fans. They’re not the “North Carolina Panthers” after all. Jerry Richardson was too savvy for that.

I digress, maybe it isn’t that big of a deal to the people of the region. But overall, just the fact that such an error was made is comical. The shirt itself was taken off shelves after the error was realized. What’s next, featuring the Liberty Bell on a Pittsburgh Steelers shirt?

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