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Nnamdi Asomugha needs “me time” during practice

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Nnamdi Asomugha, a big signing as a part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ “dream team,” seems like he hasn’t really fit in. As reported by ESPN, Asomugha would routinely eat his lunch outside in his car rather than with the rest of his teammates. You would think a player of his caliber would want to band together with teammates during a tough season, but as Hollis Thomas of WIP Radio reported, Asomugha needed “me time.”

This would then leave reason to believe that Nnamdi won’t be accepting a lesser salary from the Eagles. Clearly he’s become more about himself. The $15 million he’s scheduled to make this season ($4million guaranteed) would make him a candidate to ultimately take less money or be released. Another “dream team” acquisition, Cullen Jenkins, was just released as well.

It seems as though this team wants to go in a new direction under new head coach Chip Kelly. After finishing 4-12 last year and being victimized on numerous plays, Asomugha certainly isn’t worth the contract he signed just 2 offseasons ago. Even if Nnamdi takes the pay cut this season, if he has another sub par year he could be looking for a new team to call home.

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