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NY Daily News defends Jets beat writer, calls Governor Christie “fatso.”

  • Jim Racalto

The New York Jets are a complete circus from the front office, down to coach Rex Ryan, down to the quarterback competition between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. We get it, New York City never sleeps and the media there is brutal. However, you know things are getting downright ridiculous when New Jersey Governor and die-hard Jets fan Chris Christie took to radio to bash Jets beat writer, Manish Mehta of the Daily News.


“Idiot. The guy’s a complete idiot,” Christie said. “Self-consumed, underpaid, reporter … the only way he’s empowered is because we’re spending all this time talking about Manish Mehta this morning.”

Well, the Daily News didn’t take lightly to Christie’s comments, and fired back at him by calling him “fatso” on the cover of the publication.


This whole situation began when Mehta began slandering Rex Ryan outrageously on Twitter after Sanchez was injured in the fourth quarter of a preseason game. Mehta is not a bad beat writer, it just seems like his frustration with the Jets and their circus is boiling over in his tweets. I mean, you know something’s up when a normally level-headed  person starts to sound like Skip Bayless and gets called out by the Governor because of it. Either way, who really cares? The Jets may be headed for disaster this season, but at least it’s entertaining.

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