A-Rod Appears on Francesa’s Radio Show; Blasts MLB, Selig VIDEO INCLUDED

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Alex Rodriguez made an appearance on Mike Francesa’s WFAN radio show Wednesday afternoon, just mere hours after storming out of his hearing with Major League Baseball after learning that MLB Commissioner, Bud Selig, would not testify.

“I’ve been taking it one day at a time and respecting the process and today I lost my mind,” said Rodriguez on WFAN. what we saw today, it was disgusting and the fact that the man from Milwaukee that put this suspension on me without one bit of evidence, something I didn’t do. And he doesn’t have the courage to come look me in the eye and tell me this is why I get 211[game suspension]?”

The Yankees’ third baseman denied the use of PED’s, claiming that he is not guilty of the charges he is being accused of. A-Rod did, however, not deny his relationship with Anthony Bosch, who was accused of selling A-Rod PED’s. Rodriguez said the relationship between the two was to deal with nutrition and weight loss, not PED’s.

A-Rod also stated on Francesa’s radio show that he feels Selig “hates his guts” and the suspension is personal, claiming that Commissioner Selig is hurting A-Rod’s legacy.

“100% I think this is personal and I think this is about his legacy and it’s about my legacy. He’s trying to destroy me. By the way, he’s retiring in 2014 and to put me on his great big mantle, that’s a hell of a trophy,” Rodriguez said.

Here’s the video of the show. It’s in two parts.

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