Amar’e Stoudemire Believes Derek Fisher Will Make Him An All-Star

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Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire is certainly no stranger to the ups and downs of being an NBA player. Stoudemire was revered in the Big Apple when he joined the Knicks, starring on a team of overachievers, and flourishing in the spotlight. Unfortunately, constant injuries have turned STAT into one of those “when he’s healthy, this guy is dangerous..” players, and things haven’t been the same for a few years. However, with the Knicks hiring of Derek Fisher, who will presumably run boss’ Phil Jackson’s famous triangle offense, Stoudemire believes he will flourish once again, and is even eyeing an all-star appearance next season:

Stoudemire, on a book tour for his latest tome, “Cooking with Amar’e,’’ told The Post Thursday night his bonanza final two months in the starting lineup has him eyeing his seventh All-Star appearance in new coach Derek Fisher’s triangle attack.

“No doubt in my mind my goal is to get back to that level [of] just three short years ago,’’ Stoudemire said during the book signing in White Plains. “For sure, my goal is to return to the All-Star Game and compete or a championship in the postseason.’’

“With the triangle offense, it’s probably the best situation for all of us,’’ Stoudemire said. “We get a good system we can run and stay consistent on. I’ve adjusted to any system I’ve played in. It won’t be a problem.’’

An all-star appearance may be a long shot for STAT, but even just the ability to stay on the floor would be a welcoming sight for Knicks management and fans alike, especially if Carmelo Anthony decides to take his game elsewhere. Even as a Nets fan, I find myself rooting for Amar’e to return to his old self; it’s hard watching a guy who has the heart and passion for the game, but his body just fails him.

Let’s hope you’re right, STAT.

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