Anthony Bosch speaks out about Alex Rodriguez on 60 minutes

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Tonight, an important part of Alex Rodriguez’s Biogenesis scandal is speaking out on 60 Minutes. Anthony Bosch is finally opening up and talking about his interactions with Rodriguez, including talking about the embattled third baseman’s motivations.

Bosch, who was the head of the Biogenesis clinic, said that Rodriguez was very VERY involved with the doping regimen that Bosch developed for him.

“Alex cared. Alex wanted to know. He would study the product. He would study the substances. He would study the dosages, because he wanted to achieve all his human performance or in this case, sports performance, objectives. And the most important one was the 800 home run club … Which was only going to have one member. Alex Rodriguez.”

A-Rod,  now 38, has 654 lifetime home runs. That’s good for fifth all-time behind Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755), Babe Ruth (714) and Willie Mays (660). In August, he was suspended 211 games for his involvement with Biogenesis. His suspension was recently brought down to 162 games, which will mean he misses the entire 2014 season.

During the interview with 60 minutes, Bosch was quoted as saying that he “loved the game of baseball”. He went on to defend his distribution of performance enhancing drugs by saying that it has “always been a part of the game. Always.”

Bosch and the men who represented him explained during the interview that Bosch was terrified for his life, receiving death threats and fearing for the health and safety of he and his loved ones if Rodriguez was implicated in the scandal.

The interview, as of this writing, is airing right now. Be sure to keep a look-out for any more updates to just what Anthony Bosch has to say about his former client.

What do you think?
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