Are Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith Beefing?

  • Dave Ragazzo

Anyone who acts like their direct competition is their friend is usually full of it.  So, it should come as no surprise to anyone if Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith are becoming enemies this quickly into minicamp.

I mean, lets be real here; Sanchez and Smith are in an actual competition for the starting job, so tensions could be running high.  It’s not like the “competition” the Jets brought in for Sanchez last year (cough, cough, Tim Tebow, cough, cough).

To be fair, there have been no reports of the two quarterbacks being at each other’s throats, but there is certainly room for speculation.

According to theJetsBlog, Smith had “No comment” when asked if he was invited to Sanchez’s annual “Jets West” Camp.  Every year since he was a rookie, Sanchez has invited all of the offensive skill players to practice with him in California, in an attempt to build timing and chemistry with his receivers.

Smith is certainly not going to be a target of Sanchez’s in the passing game, but he could be the one throwing the ball to these receivers attending the camp.  This year, the Jets have a lot of new faces on the offensive end including newly signed Mike Sims-Walker and tight end Kellen Winslow.

However, according to Jets quarterback coach David Lee, Sanchez is leading the race to win the starting quarterback job; for now.


The silver lining for Smith is this:  if there is any truth behind the unnamed player who said that 80-90 percent of the team wants Sanchez out as quarterback, it won’t be long until Smith holds his own camp with Jets receivers.

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