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Bill Simmons: Lakers made ‘MAJOR impact’ on Carmelo Anthony this weekend

  • Frank Santos

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While many have conceded that Carmelo Anthony will eventually re-sign with the Knicks, and with good reason given the numerous reports indicating Melo may be back in NY next season, there seems to be a bit of a twist. ESPN’s Bill Simmons says that Anthony was impressed with the Lakers pitch when he visited with them this weekend, and they are a legitimate contender for his services along with the Knicks, and the Chicago Bulls:


I have long thought that the Melo sweepstakes was a two-dog race between the Bulls and the Knicks, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me that the Lakers may have made their way into it. When you go to LA to see all the history and success of the Lakers historic franchise, and to have a chance to play with a guy many of this generations players consider a hero in Kobe Bryant, the allure is understandable.

Ultimately, I still see Melo back in New York, but this is certainly an interesting twist.

Frank Santos- NY Sports-Kings Co-Manager

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