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Billboard in Buffalo takes a shot at Tom Brady’s Ugg Boots

  • Tad Johnson

It’s been no secret that there’s bad blood in Buffalo whenever the name Tom Brady is mentioned. To say he is one of the more disliked people in Western New York is an understatement. It looks like a Buffalo Bills sponsor, Northtown Auto, has taken their making fun of him up a notch with a billboard ahead of today’s game.


This is of course in reference to Tom Brady’s sponsorship deal with Ugg Boots, something that Brady has taken flack from for years. I’m sure it doesn’t bother him a lot, though, as he can probably just block out the insults with the insane amounts of money that the Ugg Boots company is sending his way.

Unfortunately for Buffalo, they’ll still have a losing season at the end of this year while Brady and his Patriots march into the playoffs yet again. Still, it’s a funny billboard to see.

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