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Bills Fans Poke Fun at Former Patriot Aaron Hernandez

  • Dave Ragazzo

As a Jets fan, I can’t say I’ve ever rooted for the Bills.  However, any chance to bewilder the Patriots will get me going.

As the Bills prepared to play the Patriots in Week one, the Bills fans found a way to poke fun at Aaron Hernandez, who was arraigned last week for charges of first degree murder and five weapons charges.  Sporting traditional orange inmate uniforms, the Bills put Hernandez’s name and number on the back to to show Hernandez’s new “jersey.”

Maybe if Hernandez is lucky, he can catch some passes from Paul Crewe and will be featured in the next remake of “The Longest Yard.”

For me, the Bills fans get an A+ for this one.  Hernandez is an obvious target for fans of Patriots opponents and luckily for the Bills and their fans, they got the first crack at this one.  It was sort of an obvious thing, but the creativity and wherewithal to get hoards of fans to go through with it should be admired by all Patriots haters.

The “Bills Mafia” as they are known to be called have gone through some rough times over the years, but passion has always been on their side.  Hopefully for them, the Bills coaches can come up with some good ideas to stop Brady and the Patriots on Sunday.

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