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Buffalo Bills Behind the Scenes: Meeting Room Hoops

  • Matt Schantz
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Pittsford, NY- One thing fans usually don’t get to see about their favorite NFL teams during training camp, is what goes on behind the scenes. But now with advances in social media, that has been changing recently.

With the creation of Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Vine, players are able to capture rare raw behind the scenes moments for fans to enjoy. The Buffalo Bills are no different.

Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver Robert Woods posted on his Instagram, a video of him and other receivers playing some “meeting room hoops”.

The video shows 7 different Bills players passing a mini-basketball around before dropping it in the hoop. It’s a fun video that shows us the fun side of training camp. Woods isn’t the only Buffalo Bills player, however, having fun with social media.

Bills #1 receiver, Stevie Johnson also posts behind the scene locker room videos on the mico-video site Vine.

But the Buffalo Bills aren’t the only team in the league posting funny videos on social media. The Carolina Panthers’ running backs posted a video of themselves dancing and singing to “Just My Imagination” in a Waffle House.

With these types of fun videos coming out more often, it really gives a fan a better look into NFL locker rooms around the league.

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