Buffalo Bills Fans Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kiko Alonso

  • Matt Schantz
Photo credit to: buffalo rumblings.com

Photo credit to: buffalorumblings.com

Pittsford, NY- At tonight’s practice at St. John Fisher College, Buffalo Bills fans sang rookie LB Kiko Alonso ‘Happy Birthday’ from the stands. I posted this video on my Instagram account after I got home from practice tonight:

I apologize for the lack of harmonies and the general lack of actual singing talent. We Bills fans have been called many things over the years, and ‘musically inclined’ is not one of them.

The stadium was filled to the brim with excited Bills fans and about 1/3 of the crowd joined in on the fun. I was also part of the crowd that sang CJ Spiller happy birthday last Monday. Happy 23rd birthday Kiko Alonso!

I will leave you fine readers with the only other song the Bills fans know:

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