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Carmelo Anthony Discusses His Future on SportsCenter

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With the future of the Knicks looking more and more uncertain, Carmelo Anthony took to SportsCenter to address his own future and some concerns that have been brought up since he publicly stated a potential desire to test the free agency waters.




The first quote would certainly be jarring if not for the added context of the second two quotes. Carmelo’s initial comment to potentially test free agency after this season ruffled some feathers. There were questions whether this was Anthony considering a new destination or just his way of telling the Knicks he would opt out and bleed them dry for the full amount he can command.

The second two quotes seem to at least dismiss the latter concern. It should be widely known at this point that Anthony taking less money to stay in New York would help the team and front office substantially. The added cap space would give them more wiggle room to sign other free agents that would improve the overall quality and depth of the roster which this team desperately needs. Since Anthony has been a Knick, the front office has not found the right way to build a championship contender around him. Even Denver was never able to do it and they had one of the best general managers in all of professional sports in Masai Ujiri.

If Anthony is willing to undertake the route originally created by LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he might be able to personally select his own sidekicks or counterparts to help turn the Knicks into a title contender as Miami did. His stance on money not being the most important factor this offseason is easily the most positive thing the Knicks have heard since this free agency subject was first broached before the season began.

A championship has become Anthony’s prime objective and money might no longer outweigh that when making this crucial decision. Now while that’s still not proven, his public comments on the matter do provide some optimism for Knicks fans and the team’s front office. In a year or so, the Knicks can hopefully rid themselves of Amar’e Stoudemire’s albatross of an expiring contract as well as Andrea Bargnani’s and Tyson Chandler’s via trade. Or they can simply let them expire and have close to a clean slate to enter the 2015-16 season.

Either way, these quotes from Anthony, along with his 62-point game, are the only real bright spots to come out of this season so far. Depending on how much less money Anthony might take to stay with the Knicks, they could transform the team into a contender as early as next season or the following one.

That’s only if Anthony agrees to stay with the Knicks for less money. And then, if the front office can effectively maneuver through trades and free agency to build a real contender around him. A task no one has been able to complete yet.

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