What closer reminds Joe Girardi of a young Mo Rivera?

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Mariano Rivera has only been gone for a little less than a year, but Yankees coach Joe Girardi is already talking big about a closer who he believes will inherit the crown left by the greatest closer of all time.

When Girardi was asked whom closer Dellin Betances’ performance this year reminds him of, Joe Girardi brought up Rivera and his first full season.

“Mo was that way in ’96,” Girardi said. “That was the kind of season Mo burst onto the scene with. He became a pretty good closer.”

Girardi continued to talk up his future star, saying that even though Betances was an all star, he was pretty disappointed to see him not make it into the actual game.

“I would have liked to have seen him get in,” Girardi said. “Obviously, you don’t want to see him go two or three innings, but I understand that. You have to hold somebody back. That’s why I talk about if you go, you should get a chance to play in the game. I really do. But that is not the way it is.”

Girardi said that he received a call from All-Star manager John Farrell or a member of his staff about Betances. Betances pitched the Friday prior to the All-Star Game on Tuesday.

“I’m not going to say what we said or didn’t say,” Girardi said. “Dellin’s worked a lot. Like I said, Dellin was one of the guys that was save ’til the end. We were OK with that, but I still wish that everyone could get one batter or one at-bat or in the field for one inning. I just like that. Could he use the rest? The rest didn’t hurt him. I can tell you that. I think if you go, everyone should get to play. Everyone.”

Girardi seems to have a lot of confidence in his closer, and for good reason.

This according to ESPN New York:

Let’s see the tale of the tape: In 41 games, Betances has pitched 57 innings, striking out 87 with a 1.42 ERA. In 1996, Rivera threw 77 innings in his first 41 games. His ERA was 2.22. He struck out 85.


It sure didn’t take long for the Yankees to find the next stud closer. Maybe there’s something in the water.

Could Dellin Betances be the heir apparent of Mariano Rivera? Or is he just a flash in the pan?

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