Could Jon Bon Jovi Be the Next Owner of the Buffalo Bills?

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When you’re rich and bored, what would be the most desirable thing to do?  Many people would not want to do anything, so the next closest thing would be to own a professional sports team.  You would be able to appoint someone to make all the decisions for you while you sit in the background and make all the money.  Not a bad life.

For rock star Jon Bon Jovi, that is exactly what he would like to do as he fades out of going on tour and performing.  According to CBS Sports, the New Jersey born rocker has interest in purchasing the Buffalo Bills, who will be going up for sale when current owner Ralph Wilson passes.  Obviously, no one wants that to happen, but realistically that could be happening sooner than later.  Wilson just turned 95 last month.

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Could this be the future face of Buffalo Bills ownership!?

Jason La Confora reports that Bon Jovi has spent time in the area getting to know prominent figures in an effort to earn their support.  Wilson’s family does intend to sell the team when Ralph passes and the most likely suitor appears to be a Toronto based company called Rogers Communications.  They already work closely with Wilson to get an annual game in Toronto and they will likely be the front runner to buy the team when it hits the market.

However, Bon Jovi does have experience in owning teams, albeit on a much smaller level.  He was co-owner and founder of the Arena Football League’s Philadelphia Soul until the league folded in 2008.  When the league started up again three years later, Philadelphia Eagles legend Ron Jaworski bought the club.  Bon Jovi has also tried to become a minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons in the past.

The one snag in a possible Bon Jovi transaction is that the NFL would like to keep the Bills right where they are.  They are a staple in the Western New York region and there is a thought that new ownership would like to move the team to a more desirable location (let’s say Los Angeles for example).  It is not to say that Bon Jovi would be looking to move the team, but if Rogers Communication bought the team, they wouldn’t have the urge to move the club for sure.

So where does that leave the Bills currently?  Well for now, they are staying with Ralph Wilson.  A new owner could be there in the future, and someone with as much star power as Bon Jovi would not be a bad thing for Buffalo.  What makes it seem as though Bon Jovi is trying to buy a sporting franchise is that he recently made a decision in an effort to save money.  He parted ways with long-time guitar player Richie Sambora, the only member of his group with almost as much stardom and fame as him.

In the words of the infamous group, Sambora was “shot through the heart,” but whose to blame?  Some believe its Bon Jovi’s pursuit of an NFL franchise that led to the split up, so I guess the blame could be put on the Buffalo Bills.

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