Curtis Granderson: True New Yorkers are Mets fans

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It certainly did not take long for Curtis Granderson make waves as the newest New York Mets signing this offseason.

Granderson, who signed a four-year deal worth $60 million with the Mets on Friday, was introduced today at a press conference where he spoke optimistically about his future with the team.


However, it was his comments about leaving the Yankees for the other ballclub in New York that has lived in a large, pinstripe-colored shadow for the past 20 or so years that had people buzzing this afternoon.

This comment comes off as a pot-shot at Yankee fans and also at the criticism that Granderson’s power numbers will suffer as a result of leaving the Yankees’ notoriously short right field porch that benefitted him so well.

Now while the direct line to the right field pole in Yankee Stadium is a very generous 314 feet compared to 330 feet at Citi Field, right center at Yankee Stadium is actually deeper than right center at Citi field, 385 feet to 378 feet. The change in dimensions to Granderson’s preferred right field hitting area is very marginal and if he stays entirely healthy, his numbers should not be that much of a dropoff from his peak years in the Bronx.

Speaking of injuries, Granderson should benefit from the team’s stance on his defensive position.

Keeping Granderson out of center field should limit the wear-and-tear on his body that comes from that very demanding position. His key contributions to the team will come mostly from his bat. Excluding his injury-riddled season last year, Granderson had hit 20 home-runs in each season dating back to 2007 and scored over 100 runs four times in those six seasons.

Looking at the downsides, Granderson is no longer a serious base-stealing threat and has only hit over .275 twice in his career.

The good thing is that Granderson’s contract is not a huge cap-hit for the next four years and the risk is worth the gamble for a player who in his past two healthy seasons with the Yankees hit for a combined total of 84 home-runs and 225 RBI’s

And as we saw today, Granderson has no problem taking jabs at his former team and handling the New York media .

He’s already endearing himselves to the true New Yorkers, er, I mean Mets fans.

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