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Yankees star Derek Jeter has had an eventful victory tour in his last season in the MLB that has been highlighted by a plethora of gifts from different teams as Jeter visits their stadiums for the last time. Jeter is apparently still as popular as ever as well, since he has the best selling jersey in the MLB this season.


Fans are buying more Derek Jeter jerseys this season than jerseys of any other Major League Baseball player, according to sales on the league’s website.

Right behind the Yankees captain in jersey sales since Opening Day, in the Top 20 list announced by the league on Thursday, are San Francisco Giants catcher Buster PoseyLos Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw,Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz and his teammate Dustin Pedroia.

This doesn’t necessarily come as a shock, since Jeter has always been one of the most recognizable faces of the entire league, and his impending retirement has only enhanced that.

Jeter will certainly be missed next season, and the Yankees are still in search of a guy to take his place as the “face of the franchise.”

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