Ed Reed and Antonio Cromartie Send Simple Message With T-Shirt

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It looks like the New York Jets will have a bounty scandal of their own coming up.

Okay, its not quite that bad, but two guys on the defense sent a message to their teammates that they want to carry into the game on Sunday at Baltimore; and it appears there could be a monetary reward for whoever does it.

Both Ed Reed and Antonio Cromartie were wearing shirts with a wanted sign that looks like its from an old Clint Eastwood western.  The sign is calling for turnovers and reads “Wanted:  In the air or on the ground.”

Turnovers is something the Jets have not been able to force despite their number one ranked rush defense.  The team is tied with the Chargers for dead last in takeaways with just seven.

It appears that money will be offered to anyone who gets these turnovers.  The sign reads $20,000 which is not exactly chump change even for a professional football players.  When asked about the reward, Reed laughed off the notion.

“No, I’m not offering 20 grand for a turnover,” Reed said. “It’s a shirt.”

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