Eli Manning Would Restructure Contract to Make Giants Better

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Eli Manning is having arguably the worst season of his career, but he is still the face of the New York Giants.  If you disagree, here is something that could change your mind.

Manning told NJ.com on Wednesday that he would be open to restructuring his deal in order to benefit the team.  Manning is set to make $20.4 million next year.

“I haven’t thought about it, but if they come to me, yeah, we’ll discuss it and figure out a plan,” Manning said.

A simple quote from a simple man.  Say what you will about Manning’s 2013 campaign, but there are not many guys that would be willing to make that type of sacrifice for their team.  It’s a refreshing reminder that there are still good guys in the world of sports.

This is not the first time this subject has been breached with Manning.  In 2009, he re-tooled his deal just a few years after winning Super Bowl MVP.  He also offered to re-structure his deal this offseason so the Giants could sign wide receiver Victor Cruz.  Big Blue did not approach him about the subject then, but may need to do it now if they intend on keeping Cruz’s counterpart Hakeem Nicks.  Nicks is set to hit the market this offseason and despite the down year, could be in for a big pay day.

One might say it’s easy to make these decisions when you’re getting paid as handsomely as Manning is.  To go along with the eye-popping figure that he would make next year, he made even more at $20.9 million this year.  He is the highest paid quarterback in the NFL right now and is making $3.1 million more than Matthew Stafford, who is making the second most.

Manning’s 2013 is one to forget with him compiling 20 interceptions to go along with being sacked 33 times.  The Giants (5-8) are also on the verge of their first losing season since Manning’s rookie year in 2004.

The Giants will not have a lot of room next year when it comes to the salary cap.  They are right at the $123 million salary cap this year and the cap is only expected to move up to $126.3 million range for 2014 according to Albert Breer of the NFL Network.

If the Giants want to improve, Eli might have no choice in the matter.  Unless he wants to remain irrelevant for 2014.

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