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Five Places That Could Revive Ike Davis

  • Dave Ragazzo
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If there’s one thing I know, it is the mindset of New York Mets fans and right now, just about every Mets fan is at their wits end.  With management promising spending this offsesason, the lack of moves so far from the team has fans anxious and anticipating things to change fast.

One move that almost certainly will happen will be the departure of first baseman Ike Davis.  Davis, once a prized Mets prospect, has soured on most fans who have become fed up over the last two years.  It all started in 2011 when Davis started off hot, but suffered a season ending injury in May.  Since then, Davis has gone through two early season slumps that have led to two consecutive disappointing seasons.

If there is one bright spot to Davis’ game it is that he does have some pure power.  In 2012, he managed to hit 32 homeruns despite his .227 batting average.  He has size which is why he is able to hit homeruns here and there but inconsistency has been his demise.  He ended last year with nine homeruns, 33 RBI and a .205 batting average.  He did manage to accumulate an on base percentage of .326 and showed a good eye but he is not in the majors for his ability to walk.

With all this in mind, here are five places that I think would be good fits for Ike Davis and could ultimately revive his career.  His days in New York appear to be numbered which would probably be the best for both parties at this point

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