Gary Sheffield: Cano will regret leaving the Yankees

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Former Yankee Gary Sheffield played with Robinson Cano in Cano’s early days in pinstripes in 2005-2006. Now retired and working as an agent, Sheffield says that he believes that at the end of the day Robinson Cano will regret leaving the Yankees.

“When you leave New York, you’re gonna feel it,” Sheffield said Wednesday on MLB Network. “Just ask guys like Johnny Damon and all these guys that had names and went somewhere else, you didn’t hear anything about them. And I think that Cano is a good enough player that you’ll hear about him, but being in a lineup like that — he hasn’t tasted that kind of food yet.

“You’ve gotta be the first batter and the second batter all the way through the ninth batter and when you have to go up there every day and face that, you start to realize that money ain’t everything.”

Cano, who decided to sign with Seattle on a 10-year, $240 Million deal, has recently made comments implying that he felt “disrespected” by the Yankees, who responded by saying that they were more than happy to make a deal for $175 Million, but a long-term 10 year deal had burned them in the past so it simply didn’t make sense.

Sheffield is now a sports agent, with clients like  Jason Grilli and Josh Banks. He went on in his MLB Network discussion about Cano to say that if he had been representing Cano, he would have done anything in his power to keep the second baseman in pinstripes.

“I would’ve tried to bridge the gap,” Sheffield said. “I would’ve tried to do everything possible to make that (Yankees) contract work.”

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