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Giants DC Perry Fewell: Seahawks used “carbon copy” of Giants defense

  • Tad Johnson

The Seahawks are currently your defending Super Bowl champions for a reason. Their unshakeable defense brought even the mighty Broncos to their knees and led them to their first Super Bowl title this last season. Of course, their defensive scheme is going to attract hungry defensive coordinators who want to know their secret and be as successful as Seattle was in 2013/2014… except one. Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell is going the opposite way, accusing the Seahawks of copying his Giants’ defensive schemes.

Perry Fewell has made a few comments recently in which he claims that the Seahawks copied the Giants defensive schemes in 2007 and 2011, the years in which the Giants were Super Bowl champions.

This according to the New York Post:

“When I look at Seattle, I thought that the back end and the front end [of the defense] were pretty good,” Fewell said Thursday after the Giants wrapped up their three-day mandatory mini-camp. “I thought they looked like the New York Giants in ’07 [and] ’11.”

“I thought they were a carbon copy of the New York Giants,” Fewell said. “I just think that they had good personnel and played good football and executed at a high level.”

Fewell wasn’t extremely specific about which aspects of the Giants defense, but he might have been referring to the similarities between the ’07/’11 Giants brutal pass rush and playmaking secondary, which the ’13 Seahawks have also used to add a trophy to their case. The difference between the two teams, though, lies in the big cornerbacks and ridiculously physical safeties that Seattle used to put themselves over the top in 2013.

Obviously, the idea here is that if a defense works it’s a defensive coordinators job to implement it in an attempt to improve his defense. There isn’t a defense in the league that is immune to copycats. If your defense works and gets attention, chances are you’ll see a lot more of it the following season. I can’t say for sure whether or not the Seahawks took ideas from the New York Giants. It didn’t seem like Fewell was complaining, and even if he was there isn’t really much to complain about. The NFL is a competitive league and if a team isn’t doing everything it can (within the rules of course) to improve, then something is wrong.

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