Giants’ Terrell Thomas accused of smashing ex-girlfriend’s window

  • Tad Johnson

It looks like it was an eventful bye week for Giants CB Terrell Thomas a few weeks ago, but not necessarily in a good way.

Thomas, whose Giants had a bye during week nine of the NFL Season, has been accused of smashing a window at the home of a woman he had a child with. The news came from TMZ, who claimed to have a source close to the situation.


TMZ, citing a source directly involved with the situation, reported that Thomas went to her home in Los Angeles on Nov. 3 and the two got into a heated argument. During the spat, the Thomas allegedly broke the window.


At a nearby police station, the woman filed a vandalism report, but said that Thomas didn’t put his hands on her and she declined to press charges.

“This seems to be more of a civil matter and he will not be prosecuted,” law enforcement sources told the website.

Thomas is having a good year with the Giants after suffering two serious knee injuries that cost him two seasons of his career. He’s now locked down his spot as the nickel corner. He has 41 tackles this year and the Giants have now won four straight games after a horrendus 0-6 start.

I doubt we’ll see much more about this issue, as I can’t see the NFL handing down a punishment for a minor vandalism incident that didn’t even result in the woman pressing charges.


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