Jets to Geno Smith: “Act Like a Jet”

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The Jets have a simple message for quarterback Geno Smith and the rest of their team:  Don’t embarrass the organization.

According to, GM John Idzik and Head Coach Rex Ryan have told Smith to “act like a Jet.”  What does that mean exactly?  Idzik wants his players to exemplify themselves in a positive light both on and off the field.

Here is what Idzik told reporters at a Jets-related promotional event during Super Bowl weekend:

“No, I don’t view any free passes,” Idzik said. “We hold our players to a high standard — on the field and off the field. That’s part of acting like a Jet. It’s not only playing like a Jet, it’s acting like a Jet. Everyone understands that.”

Idzik was asked more specifically about the young quarterback Smith and Idzik was quick to reply that he had no concerns over Smith’s character or decision-making.  Smith may have been brought up because of the incident that happened two weeks ago at LAX.

It was reported originally that Smith had a verbal altercation with a flight attendant.  Reports also came out that Smith refused to turn off his cell phone when a flight attendant addressed him.  The airline, Virgin America, later issued an apology to Smith calling it “a misunderstanding that regrettably escalated unnecessarily.”

Another incident that surrounded Smith was when an Atlanta woman who claimed to have an affair with the quarterback posted a lewd picture on her Instagram of a man who she claimed was Smith.

Smith said that he has spoken to the organization and Ryan about the issues and there would be no other problems moving forward.

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