Jets Receiver David Nelson Taught Cristiano Ronaldo How to Throw a Football

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Soccer may not be that popular in the United States, but there is no doubt that soccer players are very good athletes.

Case in point; Cristiano Ronaldo.  While the Portugal national soccer team was preparing for the World Cup, they had an exhibition game against Ireland at Metlife stadium (which they easily won 5-1).  To prep for the friendly, Ronaldo and his teammates practiced at the Jets training facility in Florham Park, NJ.

Because Portugal and the Jets were at the facility at the same time, many of the players got to talking and showing each other the tricks of their own trade.  It was no surprise that the Jets wanted to teach the superstar Ronaldo how to throw an American football, and apparently Ronaldo was able to pick it up rather quick.

Here is more from TMZ:

New York Jets wide receiver David Nelson could have a career in QB coaching — because he taught soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo how to throw a legit spiral … in minutes!!! 

TMZ Sports spoke with Nelson who tells us he was kickin’ it with Ronaldo after the Portuguese national team finished practice at the Jets team facility in New Jersey earlier this week. 

Nelson says someone threw a pigskin Ronaldo’s way and he tried to throw it around — but he had no idea what the hell he was doing … ya know, since football isn’t exactly big in Portugal. 

“He was throwing it around, but he couldn’t get it to spiral. He wasn’t holding it right. He was grabbing it in the middle and shot putting it,” Nelson says. 

But that’s when Nelson snapped into coach-mode — “I showed him how to hold it … how to throw it. For him it was his throwing motion that was weird.”

“I was afraid he was gonna hurt himself!  I was thinking ‘all he needs to do is tear his rotator cuff throwing a football!'”

Don’t believe that Nelson could do something like this?  Check out this video for visual proof.  Too bad Nelson wasn’t around for the Mark Sanchez tenure.  He might have been able to show the former Jets quarterback a thing or two.

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