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Justin Tuck: “Don’t be a fair weather fan”

  • Tad Johnson

It’s definitely been a rough few weeks for Giants fans. A team that had high hopes of winning the NFC East has fallen on hard times, and is sitting at 0-3. They’re also spending this week being asked about a horrific 38-0 blowout loss to the Carolina Panthers. I’m sure the questions get old fast, and according to, Justin Tuck has an answer for the people asking him what he would tell Giants fans about the team’s slow and miserable start.

“Don’t be a fair-weather fan,” he said. “It’s about being a fan in the good and the bad. I trust that we’re going to try our best to figure this thing out. It won’t be because of lack of effort or lack of searching. We’ll definitely put forth a great effort and turn over every rock to see if we can turn this thing around.”


After his answer, it was brought up to Tuck that the NFC East as a whole has had it’s struggles. That’s definitely true. With a combined record of 3-9 and two of those wins belonging to Dallas, the once mighty NFC East has struggled thus far this year. Tuck is adamant, though, that it doesn’t matter what else happens in the NFC East.

“If we play our best ball, it doesn’t matter what they do,” he said. “For us, we can’t allow ourselves to start looking at what other teams are doing, especially in our division. We haven’t won a football game. We have to win a football game.”


Here is the rest of Tuck’s post-game interview, if anyone is interested.


What do you think?
Is Justin Tuck right in saying that Giants fans need to hold their horses?
What’s in the future for the G-Men and the rest of the NFC East?

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