Kevin Garnett sued for being a bad neighbor

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Being neighbors can be an awkward relationship. You don’t really ask to ever know this person, but the two of you just happened to move onto the same block, so you can either keep to yourselves, or just make each others lives miserable. For Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett, his neighbor has apparently chose the latter. Then again, maybe after you hear this story, you’ll think Garnett is the instigator (KG, an instigator?! No. Way.)

Garnett’s Malibu neighbor has filed a lawsuit against him alleging many things, including that KG lied about renovations being made to his house, and not trimming his trees in an efficient manner. No, seriously.

Per TMZ Sports:

TMZ Sports has learned the NBA superstar has been hit with a lawsuit by the guy who lives in the $3.5 million mansion next door in Malibu … accusing Garnett of an illegal renovation that’s killed his insane ocean view.  

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ Sports, Garnett started the construction project on his $9.5 million mega-mansion back in 2013 … but never got the correct permits. 

There’s more … the neighbor also says Garnett has REFUSED to “trim, prune and lace trees and foliage” that also block his view of the Pacific. 

Garnett can just set this aside as long as he comes back for another season. After all, how annoying can a neighbor be if you only see him three months out of the year?

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