Mark Teixeira says he is at 50 percent

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Mark Teixeira has missed the last few Yankees games with a busted up pinky. Now it looks like he might be out for longer, as he says himself that he isn’t anywhere close to 100%.

“I can’t grip a bat,” Teixeira said before he tested it again Saturday morning. Teixeira said the pinkie is at “50 percent.” He continued on to say that the disabled list isn’t in the cards yet. Joe Giradi said much of the same.

Teixeira received three stitches on the hand after colliding with Tigers catcher Bryan Holaday while sliding home in Wednesday’s victory over the Tigers.

According to the New York Post:

“I’ve never done this before so I have no idea how long it is going to take,’’ Teixeira said before the Yankees beat the Indians, 10-6 in The Bronx. “There’s a big cut and the bruising and the joint is probably strained a little bit, too. It’s just sore. I’m not sure if it will get worse [because of the work], but it definitely needs to get better.’’

The team is monitoring the injury and taking it day-by-day instead of putting Tex on the DL. Despite Teixeira having an injury plagued season (He also missed seven games with a strained left lat muscle and spent time on the DL with a right hamstring strain), he still leads the Yankees in RBI’s this season with 52. He also leads the team in home runs with 19.

Tex needs to take his time in returning and heal up. The Yankees are getting hot right now and are right in the thick of the race for a wild card spot. Teixeira needs to be healthy for the final stretch this season when every single game starts to matter.



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