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Mets Daisuke Matsuzaka Leaves Game Because Of Stomach Ache

  • Frank Santos

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MLB players are often classified as the least tough of all the four major sport athletes. The argument stems from the fact that baseball is undeniably the least violent than its opponents in basketball, football, and hockey. Whether that is indeed true or not (you can argue the 162 game schedule is more physically exhausting than the other sports, but that’s another story for another day), this next story won’t really help the cause. Mets pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka left his start after just one inning onwhat the team called a “severe upset stomach.”


However, a cynic may also call that a “tummy ache.” You know, the woozy feeling you get when you went swimming before you digested even though your mom told you not to, or that feeling you get when you ate a few extra Oreos behind your parents back while they weren’t looking.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh without knowing exactly what happened. I mean, that would be like an NBA superstar leaving a Finals games with cram— oh never mind.

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