Metta World Peace: Beef with Kenyon Martin “was over pasta”

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Welcome everyone to another edition of “what the hell did Metta say this week”. Recently news circulated that Metta World Peace wasn’t quite buddy buddy with fellow Knick Kenyon Martin. Although not much was said about what their beef was about, in regular World Peace fashion he settled the questions with his… unusual sense of humor.

On Tuesday, World Peace was asked what the cause of the argument was and he said that it was a discussion over their culinary tastes.

“We were eating pasta — he had elbow pasta, I had shell pasta, and I told him how my shell pasta is better than his elbow pasta. And he was pretty upset about that,” World Peace said. “He loves elbows pasta, but I disagree, I think shell pasta is better. I don’t care. I will stand by that. Shell pasta.”


ESPN New York reported on Monday that Martin and World Peace got into a “heated” disagreement during a closed practice on Sunday before New York lost their ninth straight game on Monday to the New Orleans Pelicans. The source inside the practice said that there was no pushing or shoving, but a lot of jawing between the two possibly explosive players. Martin denies that the argument happened at all, calling the reports “Bulls—“.

Sometimes you just find yourself wondering what will come out of his mouth next. One thing is for sure, though. If the Knicks don’t get their act together Metta’s antics certainly won’t be funny to fans for very long.
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